Playlist of the Month ( PotM )

This started as a Google Form that was sent around our friend group because after college we missed being introduced to new music as we told each other to turn that shit down so we could "study".

We use Google's OAuth to authenicate your identity because we didn't want to have to worry about leaking your passwords. We use the Youtube APIs so that we can create the playlists that are the whole point of the site.

    Upgrades we are looking to include:
  1. Spotify playlist integration
  2. Discord OAuth Integration
  3. Facebook OAuth Integration?

If you're using the site and want to give some feedback you can send your lovely contructive critisms to us here [YALLKNOWHOWEAM]

Privacy Policy

We will not sell any of the data we collect, we will also strive to only collect the information we need and nothing more. The only thing we intend to do currently is create collaborative playlists.

We are also idiots; so remember to endure us and others